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fintastic Data uses awesome data tools and  techniques to process financial data. Visualizing this data helps people to see lots of data in easier ways. Ultimately, this helps selecting stocks easier for all people.


In the past 10 to 20 years, exciting new techniques have formed because of the ever growing volume of data. We can now see the entire market in a few clicks.

Data Science provides endless applications and opportunities in finance. Time for you to be in control



We have a subscribers area wherein all other dashboards are accessible. These include Australia, US, France, Germany, India and more. From10USD per month, its a great investment!


Dashboard Sales

We encourage users to interact with data. Purchase our  dashboards built in Microsoft PowerBI via Gumroad and interact with them locally. Build your own views as required. 

the dashboards

After subscribing you have access to a host of international dashboards.

Herewith links to our country dashboards.

Follow the links to view as required.  

We update the dashboards with the latest versions once the financial data for that country is updated on a weekly basis or sooner. 


We'd love to hear from you

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