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Empower Your Business with the Power of Automation

Save time to focus on strategic tasks, reduce errors, cut costs & improve your business overall performance. 

Let Fintastic data help you gain significant competitive advantage in the marketplace.

 Cost Efficient

  • No overhead license costs per use

  • App accessible via web & mobile,

  • Reduces development costs & maintenance costs

Email Automation

Accelerate Productivity

  • Unlock your productivity

  • Save time and money

  • Creating efficiency by Supercharge your email

  • Automate time consuming tasks

  • Streamline workflows

  • Work across 365 platforms (Outlook, Teams, OneDrive, etc)

Monitoring & Compliance 

  • Control data policies

  • Manage user access

  • Segregate environments for enhanced security


  • Cost reduction   

  • Increase in accuracy & efficiency

  • Activities being processed & tracked.  

  • User-friendly role access, electronic approvals & email alerts. 

  • Reduce time & resources on mundane work   


  • Improve Business process

  • Reduced data storage space  

  • Data insights & more informed decisions 

  • Enhance auditing, tracking, & compliance  

  • Produce consistent processes tailored to your business requirements. 

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Power Apps

Start rebuilding & elevating your business software & applications in the cloud. Power Apps helps you build applications that are scalable & accessible from anywhere with & internet connection. Use the Power.


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